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Rodrigo Alvarenga

Producer. Director. Creative. 
    Rodrigo Alvarenga (Alva) was born in Minas Gerais, Brazil.  As a child growing up in Brazil, Alva was always drawn to people and their inner beauty.  Alva was always able to see the world differently than others. Believing that everything is a matter of perspctive.  Alva's earliest memories as a child are of his father carrying a camera everywhere he went.  Family vacations, parties, weekend outings.  Alva became very comfortable being in front of the camera.  Even as a child he wondered what the life that he saw, would look like through the lense of the camera.  In his teens Alva became obsessed with video clips.  Alva's father was the photographer, and Alva, the videographer.  Alva loved catching moments throughout an event, returning home, and adding his artistic touch.  Splicing, cutting, editing, and adding filters and music, people were finally introduced to the way that Alva saw the world.  In college Alva took an advertising class, and fell in love with the camera all over again.  Alva challenged himself to show the world the same art and beauty in still photography as he did with his video clips.  Alva soon realized that still photography was a way for him to capture the real individual and the inner beauty that he beilves we all possess.  Alva came to Los Angeles on a vacation and immediately fell in love with the beauty of The City of Angels and the various types of art found throughout the city.  Alva imediately felt an art vibe in Los Angeles, and new he would soon be back.  In 2018, Alva finally made the move to Los Angeles.  Armed with his still and video cameras, Alva immediately hit the streets of Los Angeles, looking at the city as only he can.  Alva fell in love with the diverse cultures and the fact that Los Angeles was made up of a patch work of various different cultures and people.  Alva has been blessed to work with some amazing up and coming talent to allow the world to see them from the inside out.  Behind the lense Alva enjoys showing his vision of the world. 
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